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Long Journey

The Source is a drawing inspired by a magical pond in the forrest near my home. Only after I finished The Source, did I discover an Upanishad that encapsulates the essence I felt while drawing.

Upanishad: The empire of heaven contains sources of deed and knowledge that spring from the highest spirit; beyond is the lake of bliss;
Beyond the lake blooms the tree of immortality; beyond the tree lies the city of Braham, bathing in light, built by Him.
Heaven is for those who find the sources of deed and knowledge, they can go wherever they want.

This text from Hindu philosophy inspired me to embark on a quest to see if I could visit and portray magical places of which I have no idea if they actually exist. What would I find? What would it look like?

The landscape Stupa is a rigorous representation of the first image I encountered after closing my eyes.
While drawing, I felt myself being transferred to a higher plane where landscapes merged with the universe.
Is it true that freeing the mind is all it takes and that the rest will automatically follow?

Lake of the Chrystal Tears represents the first stage of my astral journey.