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In Space

Lake of the Chrystal Tears in the series Long Journey represents the first stage of my astral journey. The shapes that unconsciously appeared in Crystals 1 and 2 turned out to be pentagonal dodecahedrons. These Platonic solids are universally considered to be the building blocks of the cosmos. My fascination about this discovery lead me to the drawing of Universe. I realised that Universe posed the question in what way our inner conception is connected with the essence of reality.

Was this series actually bringing me closer to the answers to the questions about my origin, what makes me who I am, and what my destination is? The quest continued with Looking For where I encapsulated the pentagonal dodecahedrons in some kind of body, with light as an essential component. Were these Platonic solids a form of DNA?

Looking For announced the end of my journey. It had been a Big Journey and I realised that the next drawing called Making Of was the final destination. In this drawing the Platonic solids had transformed and grounded. But I had no idea where. Was it earth? Or yet another plane of existence? These questions triggered the series that would become my next journey.