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Deep Longing

Traveling the Big Journey through alternate planes of existence had brought me back a core of being. Now that I had rediscovered essential parts through the Big Journey, I knew it was time to investigate this core of being. Goddess centers around realisation. It’s all about balance and experiencing who we are. At the same time, it addresses the struggle we have to overcome to find our equilibrium.

The Journey portrays a woman being carried out of the underworld. She is traveling upwards. This figure represents the female figure on the left side of the central figure on Goddes. The pentagonal dodecahedrons are still there, but they have merged into a human form, almost as if I was searching for a scientific explanation of human existence. The human shape added a mythological quality.

Waiting For shows a man in ecstasy. This figure represents the male figure on the right side of the central figure on Goddes. The male figure is waiting for his feminine counterpart to arrive. He will experience the essence, the core of being in the form of Goddes,  when she arrives. Drawing frantically and virtually nonstop, this work transferred me to yet another plane of existence.

After The Journey and Waiting For I embarked on a series of smaller drawings. So far, this series contains 12 drawings and got the title: What did the eye see? While I was working on this series, all drawings turned out to contain surreal and alienating elements. This series of small drawings contains the struggles we have to overcome to find our equilibrium.

In an effort to capture the essence of the story Deep Longing I made Listen to The Lion. The figure represents both body and soul; the two beams of light point in two directions, up and down. Behind the beams on the body there are two figures. They stand for Amor and Psyche. The story of Amor and Psyche is an old story. The teachings that contain this story are about the human consciousness that comes from higher regions, caught in lower areas of physical illusion. It undergoes a change of shapes as it awakes and resembles its divine origin and nature. Listen to the Lion represents the Longing that starts a journey. A journey to remember yourself. Where are we from? What are we? Where are we going?

The last drawing in the series Deep Longing is called To See. All the drawings that germinated along the way find their origin in my deep longing to understand. The female figure in The Journey represents Psyche. The male figure in the drawing Waiting For represents Amor. My drawings represent the journey of bringing them together. Therefor I used my own language: surreal and with alienating elements. The change of shapes in my drawings stand for the areas of physical illusions. In the drawing Goddes the male and the female figure are at the same level. They are in balance and experiencing equilibrium. Before arriving there they had to overcome the struggles of life. Its An old Story of love and of the superlative power of love to lift the soul into divine consciousness. As such its a fable that is dear to us during those dark and quiet moments that give birth to our lives. The little graphics, who also belong to this series of drawings, I make to loosen up from the intensity and concentration  whom I need when making my huge drawings.

For now, it is time to travel in the outer world. Visit places and embrace the next stage of the journey called life.